LVL Wrist Wearable Hydration Monitor

LVL is the first wearable hydration monitor in the market. It is a huge relief to finally see some product out there that can continuously draw our attention to body’s daily hydration needs. With the continuous pace and occupancy in today’s world, we often tend to ignore our own health and wellness. LVL here comes up as a modern life boon to one of the most underrated implications of our hectic lives and that is the implication of not being properly hydrated throughout the day. This could adversely affect both our physical and mental health, some of its ramifications being stress, weariness, disturbed concentration, degraded sleep patterns etc.

LVL is a device that is designed to monitor your body hydration levels continuously. It will give you a holistic picture of your health by tracking activity, your moods, sleep patterns and heart rate. It provides real-time hydration notification and accurate sweat rate measurement. It gives extremely accurate heart rate and HR zone reading, which are eight times more accurate than similar products on the market. It also has features like auto sleep, smart alarm and other advanced metrics. It even gives intuitive mood inputs and a combined mood and hydration analytics. It tracks movements, steps, floors climbed etc and gives activity, heart rate and hydration integration results with smart coaching. Sounds smart right?  It’s a great catch if you care for yours and your family’s health, but find it hard to manage with all the routine stuff going on.

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