Vi: A New Artificial Personal Trainer Will Help You Reach Your Goals

We all want that great beach body for the summer, but sometimes the motivation for doing all of that hard work just isn’t there. Having a personal trainer who plans your workouts for you can certainly help not only with the motivation aspect, but it also takes the guesswork out of the equation. One of the great things about having someone experienced planning everything for you is that you can simply relax and concentrate on your workouts without having to worry about all of the details.

Personal trainers can be expensive, though. Having someone there by your side all the time, encouraging you as you work up a sweat and telling you step by step what you need to do isn’t exactly feasible for those of us who don’t have money to burn, but still want to get fit. Fortunately, just as with so many other tasks, personal training is about to be automated!


Vi A New Artificial Personal Trainer Will Help to Reach Your Goals

Meet Vi, a new AI personal trainer that is currently in development and even now has more than exceeded its crowd-funding goals. Vi will plan your workouts according to your schedule and coach you through your toughest moments. It will track your progress and adapt to you in order to change things up and give you the best results that you can possibly get.

Vi is essentially a pair of earphones with a wearable bio-sensing device that will talk you through your workout and keep things interesting. Not only this, but it can listen to your responses and act accordingly, even when you are gasping for breath, using an AI speech recognition engine that is currently unmatched in the industry and truly offers a replacement for human coaches. It will tailor the workout based on your physiology and as such will plan your workout around reaching your target heart rate and preventing you from over-exerting yourself, while still giving you a challenge. Vi will wake you up with it’s time for your morning workout and will also text you reminders of upcoming workouts, just as a human coach would.


Vi A New Artificial Personal Trainer Will Help to Reach Your Goals 3Vi A New Artificial Personal Trainer Will Help to Reach Your Goals 2



It works well for both outdoor and indoor cardiovascular exercise, and will automatically detect what the weather is like outside before proceeding with the workout. It will even control your tunes for you to keep things interesting. In addition, you can use it as a headset to answer phone calls and perform other activities while you’re out running. Since the battery life lasts all day, you can wear it and use it all the time if you’d like. It is durable, sweat-proof, and easily fits in your ears and around your neck for a comfortable experience.

So if you’re looking to make your workouts better by leveraging technology and using the power of artificial intelligence to not only help reach your goals, but to help develop the perfect daily plan for you, you may want to try Vi. As an early adopter, you would be one of the first people in the world to be coached by a robot.

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