The 48Hr Classic Just Raised the Stakes of What’s Expected From a Bag

The new 48Hr Classic claims to be the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work and photography bag, and for good reason. The 48Hr Classic has figured out how to solve all the size and design problems that require most people to have a variety of bags on hand for different occasions. The 48Hr Classic is a brief case, a messenger bag, a backpack, a weekend travel bag, and tech gadget bag, all combined into one.


Flexible and expandable by 70%


48Hr Classic Travel Bag


The key selling point, of course, is that the 48Hr Classic is big enough and functional enough to handle all of your work and leisure needs over a 48-hour period. The sleek leather bag expands to hold 70 percent more gear and clothing as needed. You can use that additional space to cram in more tech gadgets and a laptop, or maybe just some extra clothing for a weekend getaway.

Imagine strolling around the streets of a city like New York or London with a fashionable briefcase, going on an urban photo shoot with a messenger bag filled with your camera gear, and then relaxing at an upscale restaurant with a vintage leather bag and a gorgeous view of the city around you – all without having to head back home to swap out your bag for another one. And if you can’t imagine it, Temporary Forevers (the company that designed the 48Hr Classic) will help you imagine it.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised £135,925 in funding pledges for the bag (crushing the original £12,000 goal), features a variety of absolutely stunning photos of the bags in the different urban milieu. 


48Hr Classic Traveling Bag


48Hr Classic Bag Traveler

For tech enthusiasts, the number of features of the 48Hr Classic is a big selling point. There’s room for all of your gadgets, plus a compartment that’s easily accessible for all the extras – chargers, plugs, extra lenses – it’s all there, without the need to go rummaging through a bag.

48Hr Classic Multi Purpose Bag

Carry the durable bag in different styles

The leather bag is classic yet modern, stylish yet practical. It’s unobtrusive, yet big enough to hold your laptop and all of your camera gear. And it comes in three colors – black, rum brown and vintage brown. All of which ensures that you’ll always have a bag that’s more upscale than your surroundings. You’re essentially taking a premium VIP bag to a corporate meeting, a classic vintage bag to a restaurant and a stylish leather messenger bag to the gym.



48Hr Classic Bag Style


48Hr Classic Bag Different Style


All things considered, the 48Hr Classic  is a cool new bag that’s different from all the other bags out there. If, like most people, you have a variety of bags and can’t figure out which one to take where, the 48Hr Classic solves all of your problems. It’s ready to go anywhere on your next 48-hour urban adventure.

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