Teslasuit – Feel Objects in Virtual Reality

The fast paced world of gaming technology often leaves gamers wondering what could possibly be the next big thing.
Now the geniuses at Tesla Studios have made a momentous splash in the development pool by announcing arrival of the Tesla Suit.
The innovative Tesla Suit is the industry’s first multi-sensory virtual reality full body suit that will give its user an immersive gaming experience. Unlike anything previously designed the suit will use a haptic system to deliver energy through its conductive material to provide real touch sensations. Still in its infancy Telsa Studios is raising money via kickstarter to begin production of the suits and it’s something anyone who is invested in gaming or technology should consider supporting.

Tesla Suit

The possibilities are vast in the future of the Tesla Suit. Not only restricted to gaming it has already been tested sending a real time virtual hug to a participant, which opens the door right up on long distance communication and relationships. It could also be used as therapy as evidenced by the already effective neuromuscular electrical stimulation system used to treat athletes muscle conditions. Reaching even further but probably foremost in the minds of many, the door to the future of sex work and pleasure devices has just blown wide open.

Tesla Suit Virtual Reality

The construction of the suit is a conductive material embedded with a large number of haptic sensors, its control panel is located in a wireless belt called a ‘T-Belt’, the belt contains the motion tracking sensors  and temperature gauge. An earlier prototype and one that may be involved as an add-on is the Haptic T-Glove, a hand based control system that will allow fine movements and finger motion.

Tesla Suit VR

Tesla Suit Technology

It has taken the company 3 years to get the suit to a high standard and now they want to put it into the hands of developers. Once their kickstarter has been fulfilled be prepared for a technological explosion of amazing new games and gadgets. Developers get excited, once funded the studio will be sending out developer kits that will be compatible with any Bluetooth device, Mac or PC, Xbox360 or PS3.  They will contain all the good content you need to get going –integration code, haptic editor, documentation and libraries, the expected date for available shipping at this stage will be September 2016
The sky is the limit with the new Tesla haptic suit. Virtual reality finally has the opportunity to become what we all imagined it could be when the Aspen Movie Map first came out in 1977, or for the younger generation, the Sega VR in 1991.
See the new reality about the future of virtual reality with the new Tesla Suit.

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2 years ago

I can see this grow in a military training environment. Using this suit for training purposes as stimulating virtual reality minor shocks for battle training. Or maybe even enhancing body performance with less fatigue.

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