Shooz – Easily Customizable Innovative Travel Shoes

Shooz are new must-have footwear for any traveler. It allows you to customize your shoes and be ready to any occasion. All you need to do – use your imagination and creativity.

Shooz are made of two different parts: ‘Shooz Sole’ and ‘Shooz Skin’ that can be easily detached or interchanged.
Define your occasion (business trip, traveling, dating or any other), pick appropriate ‘Skin’, connect it to the ‘Sole’ with a special zipper and you are ready to go! It is that easy!

There are only a few of the 104 possible combinations. You can create mixing 4 soles with 26 skins.

Shooz is a great solution to very common traveling problem – lack of space in your suitcase. Does it sound familiar? You can finally stop wasting your time on thinking which pair of shoes to take on a trip and save some extra space for your clothes or souvenirs.

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