Sense: Intelligent Hub for Your Home Devices

We live in the future. We can talk to anyone instantly without regard to distance. As a matter of course, we carry around more computing power than we used to get to the moon. We have smart phones, smart watches, and smart houses.

But the smart houses aren’t quite what they’re supposed to be yet. We’ve got a lot of devices that can respond to voices or movements and connect to a cloud based system to execute certain commands. It beats having to actually get up off the couch to turn off the light, but it’s not quite the Jetson’s style morning conveyor belt we’ve been looking for.

Sense Intelligent Hub for Your Home Devices 3

The Sense by Silk labs is a step in the right direction

Where most smart home devices recognize voices or movement, Sense does both so it can not only tell you your teenager is home even when they’re in their sulk-not-going-to-say-anything-to-anyone mode, it can tell you if they’re doing their sulking in their room or in front of the TV.

By utilizing both sight and sound, Sense minimizes the number of nuisance alerts you’ll get. It’s smart enough to recognize that the cat jumping off the couch isn’t worth an alert, while your kids coming home—or some random stranger entering your house is.

Sense Intelligent Hub for Your Home Devices 4

One of the dangers of our high tech society is privacy. We have almost none, and Sense is fighting back. While most smart house devices simply connect a device to a cloud based system, the software that Sense runs on does its business entirely within the device itself. With those devices, your data is hackable. With this device, the only way data leaves the device is by an encrypted connection to a trusted smartphone.

During setup—which is ridiculously easy—your phone and your Sense will use Bluetooth to exchange secret encryption keys. You’ll be able to use your phone to monitor your home, even going so far as to watch what the camera sees, but nobody else will be able to get in. Not a hacker. Not a Silk Labs employee. Not even the NSA.

Sense Intelligent Hub for Your Home Devices

Simply put, Sense makes your home more secure, not less

And while most smart home devices look like they were designed by a Cylon, Sense looks like it was a designed by an actual living breathing human being who wants a nice looking living space. It’s small enough that it can be placed on a bookshelf or near a TV and stylish enough that it won’t look out of place no matter where you put it.

It learns and adapts to your movements the way any AI should, it connects to all the other smart devices in your home—Nest thermostats, Sonos sound systems, LIFX and Philips Hue included—and it’s both expandable and customizable. Silk, the operating system that runs Sense is built on Node.js which means that all your JavaScript tools will work and if you like, you can be designing custom apps in no time.

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