Samsung – Smart Hub Fridge for Family

The Family Hub Refrigerator organizes your grocery shopping experiences as well as provides other conveniences that are all controlled by your smartphone. Samsung has created a solution to some of the basic problems that are facing families today. This sophisticated refrigerator is able to track the foods you have on hand as well as cut down on potential waste by keeping up with expiration dates. Now, you and your family are able to know exactly what’s in your refrigerator at all times without having to open the door. If you are at the store and forgot your list, just open the app and take a look at what’s in your refrigerator. This will help keep you from overbuying items you already have as well as reminding you what needs to be purchased. Other functions it can perform include: managing receipts, compiling shopping lists, update the family calendar and display works of art to name a few. With these functions, your kitchen experience will never be the same.

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