Royole-X: Your very own Portable Theatre

It is not a secret that every person enjoys comfort, especially when watches a video or listens to the music. Royole-X is a smart portable theatre device that provides you a new level of unbelievable experience in gaming and movie watching. 

With Royole-X, you can enjoy your favorite movies without compromising on video or sound quality, whenever and wherever you want. It is not just an ordinary headset, but specially designed for technology savvy people like you, to give you ultra-high pixel density (3300 ppi), adjustable audio and heavy duty human-centric device that has been created after putting together avant-garde technology, an intricate design and customized details to suit our customers’ demands and needs.

In addition, to this, it also supports five video input connections including HDMI, Wifi sharing, Wireless Streaming, USB OTG and up to 16GB internal memory. Thus, it is a highly useful and entertaining device that would not disappoint you in any way rather fascinate you greatly.

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