Remidi T8 Wearable Musical Instrument

The Remidi T8 Wearable Instrument is an innovative glove which literally puts music composition at the tip of your fingers. With 8 pressure-sensitive sensors in the fingers and palms and a MIDI controller in the wrist, the T8 allows you to create sounds solely with hand movements. The intensity and duration of sound are both affected by the pressure sensors and the controller allows for precise command over musical effects such as reverb, elongation, and tempo. Control all of these features and more through the easy-to-use Remidi app, available for desktop and mobile use. You can record new tracks or remix old ones by syncing your T8 with recording programs like Garage Band, ProTools, and Logic Pro X or preset remix and sound packs on the Remidi app. Perfect for performing, recording on the go, or just practicing your skills, the glove is made of Spandex to fit a variety of hand sizes and still be the most comfortable instrument ever.

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