Rafino – Fully Control Your Coffee Grind Size

If you’ve spent more than five minutes trying to make a great cup of coffee, you’ll know that there are a lot of things that affect the flavor. There’s the bean, of course, how it’s roasted, the temperature of the water, how much water you use in relation to how much coffee, the extraction time, and grind size.

What you probably haven’t heard about is grind consistency

When you grind coffee beans, you set it for coarse or fine or whatever you like, and you have to trust your grinder to give you what you’re looking for. The problem is that even high quality, expensive grinders don’t do it very well. That’s because grinding a coffee bean simply isn’t that precise. No matter what you set the grind at, you’re going to get pieces that are bigger than you want, and you’re going to get pieces that are smaller than you want.

The smaller pieces—called fines—will over-extract, making your coffee more bitter than you want. The larger pieces—boulders—will under-extract, making your coffee more sour than you want.


Rafino - Fully Control Your Coffee Grind Size


The Rafino helps fix all that. It is, essentially, a two-step filtering process you can apply to your coffee in your own home. You pour your ground coffee in the top, shake it from side to side, and your grind has gone through two separate sieves. When you open it up, the top section will hold your boulders, the bottom section will hold your fines, and the middle section holds ground coffee with a high level of consistency so you get the perfect cut every time.

There are eleven sieves to choose from with holes precisely designed and cut in 100 micron increments from 200 microns up to 1000 microns and you’ll be using two at a time. They’re easy to clean and easily stored.

Rafino - Fully Control Your Coffee Grind SizeRafino - Fully Control Your Coffee Grind Size 4 8



Using the Rafino doesn’t take long. It generally takes less time than it takes for the water in your coffee maker to boil, so your morning routine won’t take any longer than it does now.

If you’re concerned about waste, don’t be

The Rafino will help you calibrate your grinder so you’re using the optimal settings. The boulders are bigger than you’re looking for so you can simply run them through the grinder again and get the grind you’re looking for. Your grinder can’t make the fines bigger, so you won’t be able to use them to make coffee, but you can use them in baking, cooking, cleaning, or in your garden. In the worst case scenario, you toss them in your compost pile. Once you’ve calibrated your grinder, you’ll be looking at about 10 grams of fines per week. That’s about what a teaspoon of sugar weighs. You can look at it as waste or you can look at it as the price to be paid for a great cup of coffee.


Rafino - Fully Control Your Coffee Grind Size


If you love coffee, you probably talk with others who love it and share recipes and geek out like people do. It’s great, but it suffers from a lack of precision. The best you can do is tell someone whether a grind is coarse or fine. At least, that’s the best you could do. Now, you can give them a measurement accurate to 100 microns. That’s a tenth of a millimeter. It’s tiny, it’s precise, and it’s the key to a really great cup of coffee. At the present moment Rafino is running very successful crowdfunding campaign and is available at a price of USD 40.00.

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