Print Augmented Reality Photos with LifePrint

LifePrint is a new generation printing technology that opens new possibilities to our social life. LifePrint comes with unique application, portable printer and social printing network.

Most amazing feature of LifePrint is an ability to create Augmented Reality photos, share them via its app with followers, friends or family members and then instantly print it via the portable printer.
When you print a photo, it sort of comes to the life. It is done by the technology of secretly embedded video, so called – Harry Potter mode.

What makes this product different from others – is, that Lifeprint allows you to print not just photos but also GIFs, VINEs, Animations, Videos, Apple Life Photos and much more.
It does not try to compete with social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and others, but rather integrate with them. And finally our favorite Lifeprint feature – Integration with GoPro camera. It allows you to pull your video out of the GoPro camera and then print and create Augmented Reality image.

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