Picbot Motorized Smartphone Mount with Automated Face Tracking


Picbot is a smartphone mount, that will give you a whole new experience when you go out on a photography clicking spree.  In the wake of the rising sophistication of smartphone cameras, Picbot is something that has emerged to revolutionize this market. It is a software controlled motorized mount, that functions in a coordination with the smartphone’s application. It allows you to control and access functions to handle all the advanced features of your smart-cam and bring out the pictures and videos you always dreamed of.

With the new advancements in the hardware and camera quality in today’s smartphones, Picbot comes up as a must-have tool that enables you to use all those cool features to the full capacity. Picbot is created to set you free from all the hassles of using those selfie sticks and other daunting recording instruments, as it’s simple, efficient and classy.

It is a really effective tool for creating steady time-lapse, where auto tracking and facial tracking features eliminate the need of being static. There is no need for any camera controllers, you can freely move, pose and basically do anything you want, where at the end you will get perfect photo or video anyway. The secret behind this smartphone mount is that it centers the frame on the subject, tracks up to three faces at once and then automatically takes photos or videos with a flexibility of 360-degree rotation. After centering the frame, it automatically triggers the panorama sequences for the best shots.
So if you have got a constant cam-craving and you want to do it like never before, just go grab a Picbot.


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