Phazon: Wireless Earbuds Guaranteed Not to Fall

Recently, various tech companies made several attempts in creation of perfect wireless ear buds, but all of them ran into the same problem –  issues with the ear buds staying in & then getting lost due to their small size. It was only a matter of time before someone unlock that secret, and that was  Phazon, who figured it out by creating a signature design that locks buds in the ear. Phazon wireless ear buds are currently going through a funding campaign on Indiegogo, and have already raised an astonishing 1.5 million dollars in donations as enthusiastic funders recognize the blissful wire free future.

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After rigorous testing Phazon has developed an innovative design which fits every ear, securing them in a tight locking twist motion. The design has been given to athletes and puts through its paces during hundreds of swimming, jogging and even skydiving tests with an incredible 100% success rate. The buds were perfected after identifying the common pattern that all ears have regardless of who they belong to. The second issue of misplacing the ear buds was solved with a simple location app for a smartphone.

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Other great features of the Phazon ear buds include its easy tap on/off system to control power and song queue. The buds are water resistant and come with their own charging dock and the battery life has an impressive 6-hour capacity. Even better, the buds will charge to 80% in just 20 minutes.

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The ear buds can receive phone calls and are good to use with any Bluetooth-enabled phone and don’t require any complicated setup. The ear buds have a range of up to 30 metres from the phone and are also compatible with smart watches. The sound quality was a number one priority during development resulting in a great sounding 10 mW RMS dynamic speaker with passive noise cancellation.

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Has Phazon finally put an end to irksome wires while addressing the old problems of staying in and misplacement? Only time will tell when the ear buds are open for public sale at the end of 2016. It sure looks promising though, and consumers can’t wait to try it out for themselves.

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Elvis Lubega

12 months ago

I wanna try them out. They really look sick

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