Peg-Top Wooden Retro Speaker

You may have the latest model smartphone made of the shiniest new high-tech materials, but wouldn’t it be cool to hook it up to a wooden retro speaker? The Peg-Top Wooden Bluetooth Speaker looks (and feels) a lot like an oversized acorn – it measures just 48 x 48 x 57 mm, meaning that you can lay one of these gorgeous wooden speakers out on a table and people might mistake it for something that you brought in from your last walk in the woods.

Each speaker is powered by Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about messy wires or cables when streaming music or tuning into your favorite podcast. These wooden Bluetooth speakers are priced so cheap  that you can afford to buy a handful of these and leave them around a room. Just don’t leave these wooden speakers out around your kids – they might pick them up and start playing with them.

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