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Airbolt Locker

AirBolt Smart Lock

It’s about time travel locks caught up with the times. The good news is – they now have! The AirBolt smart lock is a truly innovative design which uses wireless smartphone technology to lock and unlock your luggage.

Mojoe Travel Coffee Maker

MoJoe Coffee Maker for Brewing on the Go

You know how important freshly brewed coffee or tea is, and how we all have times when nothing else will do. The lifestyles we have often involve travelling for both business and recreation, and it can be difficult to find that perfect cup of coffee or tea when we most need it.


Fleye – Personal Flying Robot

If you have an obsession about gadgets, then Fleye is something you need to get your hands on. It’s fun, safe and really easy to use.

ONAGOfly drone

ONAGOfly: A Powerful yet Small Drone

Currently, there are two kinds of drones that can be found in the market. You can either find nano-drones that are economical but very small, or you can find larger drones, but with a hefty price tag


Lumenus: Stylish Performance Gear, Designed to Save Lives

Those of us who take to the streets for our workouts have been accustomed to wearing reflective gear for quite some time. Runners, cyclists, and commuters may not be fond of our shiny armbands and day-glow vests, but we’re well-aware of how important they are to alert motorists to our presence.

NewYear's Eve Gift

New Year’s Eve Gift Ideas For Traveling Fans

Buying New Year’s Eve presents for traveling fans can be challenging. Once you’ve purchased suitcases, and compasses, and novelty passport holders- the list of potential gifts becomes significantly shorter. Fortunately, that’s where modern technology comes into play.


Print Augmented Reality Photos with LifePrint

LifePrint is a new generation printing technology that opens new possibilities to our social life. LifePrint comes with unique application, portable printer and social printing network.


MOS Pack – Easiest Way to Charge All Your Devices On The Go

The MOS PACK is a highly innovative backpack that aims to make your traveling easier. Nowadays, electronic devices like laptops, cameras and mobile phones became an essential tool of every traveler. It is very common to find some of these devices in traveler’s backpacks.


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