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CoDrone – Programmable Drone Kit

If you’re of the opinion that what everyone else is calling a drone is nothing but a glorified remote control helicopter, you’re going to be interested in CoDrone’s programmable drone kit.

Walli Blootooth Wallet

Walli: The Most Advanced Smart Wallet

The Walli smart wallet is the latest advancement in wallet technology. It syncs with your

Andriod or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Owners receive a notification when their wallet

is left behind. Walli goes beyond other smart wallets by keeping track of its contents.


Samsung – Smart Hub Fridge for Family

The Family Hub Refrigerator organizes your grocery shopping experiences as well as provides other conveniences that are all controlled by your smartphone. Samsung has created a solution to some of the basic problems that are facing families today.

Tesla Suit New Technology

Teslasuit – Feel Objects in Virtual Reality

The fast paced world of gaming technology often leaves gamers wondering what could possibly be the next big thing.
Now the geniuses at Tesla Studios have made a momentous splash in the development pool by announcing arrival of the Tesla Suit.

thermo-one touch thermometer

Thermo – 21st Century Thermometer

Finally, a thermometer for the 21st century! Thermo uses game-changing technology to get precise temperature readings from the merest touch on the temple.

PRVKE Bag Pack

PRVKE – The Bag for Adventurers and Photographers

If you’re like most people you carry a lot of gear when you travel, and that’s why you need the PRVKE Pack, a backpack that’s stylish and practical. The PRVKE Pack is a photographer’s friend, making it easy to tote photography equipment to the most rugged locations.


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