Ossic X 3D Audio Headphones Are Fully Immersive

We’re all unique individuals and the way we sense our world has a lot to do with our unique anatomical features. Our hearing, for one thing, is affected by the size and shape of our head, particularly our ears. That’s what makes the OSSIC X headphones so amazingly cool. They have been designed to take our anatomy into account, to adapt to each individual’s features. This is called 3D audio, and it allows you to experience sounds like you do in the real world. The OSSIC X 3D audio headphones use special algorithms, head tracking and a calibration technology that adjusts to each individual, to make a fully immersive listening experience. This technology allows you to be fully engaged in a Virtual Reality environment, a game situation, or a music listening experience, to a degree that is beyond the scope of other headphones on the market.

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