ONAGOfly: A Powerful yet Small Drone

Currently, there are two kinds of drones that can be found in the market. You can either find nano-drones that are economical but very small, or you can find larger drones, but with a hefty price tag. This flaw in the drones market has clearly created a huge gap, and ONAGOfly has made an effort to fill this gap.


ONAGOfly drone


ONAGOfly is basically a small drone that is the size of a hand, but it comes with several powerful and useful functions that justify its purchase. Following are some of the noteworthy features of this drone:


ONAGOfly can be conveniently controlled through a smartphone, both iOS and Android since it has Wi-Fi built in it. There is a ‘Follow Me’ feature installed in this drone as well that makes the drone capable of locking in the GPS signal and track the smartphone. So if you turn on this feature while walking around the neighborhood, this drone will keep following you.

ONAGOfly also has a ‘Return Home’ feature which allows the drone to lock in the location from where it took off through GPS. Once this feature is turned on, the drone will fly itself to that location and land automatically!

ONAGOfly drone

Avoiding Obstacles

If the “Follow Me” and “Return Home” features do not excite you enough, then perhaps this new creative feature might be interesting for you. ONAGOfly has built in infrared sensors that allow the drone to sense obstacles in front of it from a distance of 20cm(7.8 inches). As soon as the drone senses an obstacle, it stops and changes its course, allowing this gadget to avoid damages.


ONAGOfly has a 15MP camera installed in it through which it can record videos in 1080p HD format. The videos that ONAGOfly records are directly saved in a memory card, but there is an option of viewing a live feed on your smartphone. Moreover, this drone also serves the modern needs and can take selfies while flying as soon as it detects a smile. This could be a really good feature to take group photos.


ONAGOfly can be recharged through a USB cable, and it has a 1000mAh battery installed in it which gives this drone a flying time of more than 10 minutes with recording.


Right now ONAGOfly is going through a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo, which means that you can pledge $199 and get this gadget once the project completes. The retail price to be set in future is reported to be $299.

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