Octospot – Smart Action Camera for Divers

ext]Octospot - Intelligent Action Camera for Divers 4The Octospot claims to be the world’s smartest camera for action diving and to be honest, we haven’t found any better. They seem to have thought of everything.

 The Camera

The camera itself can shoot video in 720p, 1080p, and 4k as well as 12mp stills. It’s small, light, and tough, weighing in at 161g (5.6 oz) in a 34mm by 34mm by 112mm military grade aluminum/polycarbonate shell. It’s rated to go as deep as 200m or 656 feet and the built-in battery is well-insulated so it will last two hours even in colder conditions.

What really makes the difference, though, isn’t how the camera is built, but what it can do. It features a built in pressure gauge so you don’t have to tell it how deep you are. It knows, and it not only collects that data, but uses it to correct the white balance of your stills and video so they aren’t overly green. The camera is incredibly light sensitive because the water isn’t always perfectly clear, and includes both electronic image stabilization and a lens distortion correction so your videos don’t come out all shaky or with that annoying fish-eye effect. The net result is stills and video that you’ll be proud to show anyone or use for anything.


Octospot - Intelligent Action Camera for Divers 2

Designed for Gloves

Because it’s invented by divers, it’s actually made for divers, and that means that all the controls are simplified to be used with neoprene gloves on. They are, in fact, designed to be similar to those of a diving torch and be as intuitive as possible.

There is a ring near the base of the camera that changes the mode (video, stills, timed video, etc) and a magnetic switch near the front. Click the switch once, it takes a still image. Click and hold and it takes a brief video.  

 Octospot - Intelligent Action Camera for Divers


The camera comes with two mounts: a T-mount that the camera simply snaps into (no adjusting of screws or the like) and a mask mount that fits every mask. In addition, there is an optional third person viewer. You could think of it as a selfie-stick for underwater use, but that would be doing it a disservice. The third-person viewer holds the camera back and above you so yes, it captures video of your dive that includes you, but it serves more than simple vanity.

New divers can use the third-person viewer to record their dives so they can review their technique with their dive instructor afterwards. Anyone who runs a diving business will appreciate the ability to create promotional videos that include them.


Octospot - Intelligent Action Camera for Divers 3


The App

Of course, there’s an app. It’s free on both iOS and Android and you can use it to manipulate and share your videos, analyze the depth and temperature data, even combine the two.

The bottom line is simple, if there’s a better camera for action diving, we haven’t found it. The Octospot is the perfect combination of strong, versatile, and easy to use.

Source: Kickstarter Campaign

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