New Year’s Eve Gift Ideas For Traveling Fans

Buying New Year’s Eve presents for traveling fans can be challenging. Once youve purchased suitcases, and compasses, and novelty passport holders- the list of potential gifts becomes significantly shorter. Fortunately, thats where modern technology comes into play. Thanks to some of the coolest and most innovative gadgets on the market, family and friends of travel aficionados can now purchase the absolute best present for their jet setting loved one, that is guaranteed to send them joyfully packing.


One modern gadget that will make any travelers New Year’s Eve a joyous occasion is the PRVKE Pack – the bag for photography, travel and adventure. This product, which was fully funded on Indiegogo, is set for release in April 2016. At its simplest, the PRVKE Pack is a backpack designed for the modern traveler. Regardless of whether the journey is a commute or a transnational trek, the backpack provides the space and organizational system to accommodate the needs of the user. Although it was originally intended for photographers, the backpack is being targeted at virtually any person who needs a bag that provides comfort; style and a huge amount of versatility.

AirBolt Lock

Also funded on Indiegogo, and ideal for travelers is the Airbolt. The Airbolt is a highly functional travel lock, that has a remarkably futurist appearance. The lock, which is small and sturdy, is a cellular based product that relies on the user downloading an app onto their phone- which then unlocks the Airbolt via Bluetooth. The app requires a passcode, as well as backup authorization, and needs to be within a certain range of the product to unlock it. Whats more, this nifty little lock can be used to track lost luggage; notify the user of any forgotten luggage; log any TSA activity and be used in conjunction with TSA security master keys. The innovative gadget, which was 400% funded online, will be available for delivery in August 2016.

Mojoe Coffee Cup
Aside from luggage, and locks to secure luggage, travelers also rely on sustenance to keep them alert for their journeys. More specifically, coffee. Which is why the Mojoe is the ideal product for your traveling friends. This product is a travel mug, which also doubles as a coffee maker. The cup, which will be retailed at $69 dollars, brews both tea and coffee using water at any temperature and grains of any variety. Once the mug has brewed the beverage, the user can drink it directly from the opening at the top. This highly advanced cup allows even the most gourmand of travelers to have freshly brewed, delicious coffee immediately- regardless of their location or destination.

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