MOS Pack – Easiest Way to Charge All Your Devices On The Go

The MOS PACK is a highly innovative backpack that aims to make your traveling easier. Nowadays, electronic devices like laptops, cameras and mobile phones became an essential tool of every traveler. It is very common to find some of these devices in traveler’s backpacks.

However, the more gadgets you use the more problems you encounter in your trip and one of the most annoying among them is – device charging.

Remember the case, where you have several gadgets in your bag and can’t find enough plugs? Or maybe you are on the go and short on time to take all your gadgets out of the bag? MOS PACK becomes very handy in these unpleasant, but yet very typical situations.

The MOS PACK is a portable charging station with internal cable management that makes it possible to charge all your devices at once without taking them out of your bag.

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