Lumenus: Stylish Performance Gear, Designed to Save Lives

Those of us who take to the streets for our workouts have been accustomed to wearing reflective gear for quite some time. Runners, cyclists, and commuters may not be fond of our shiny armbands and day-glow vests, but we’re well-aware of how important they are to alert motorists to our presence.

We’re also very much aware of how ineffective these solutions can be. Reflection requires incoming light, after all – a problem at intersections and even worse during the twilight hours when motorists might not even have their lights on.




This is where a new company, Lumenus, is looking to change the whole nature of the game. They’re crowdfunding a series of performance accessories that are wired for active lighting. We’re not just talking blinking, either – they’ve set their products up with brake lights, turn signals, and even pace-setter lights that help you keep your rhythm while jogging or cycling!



Lumenus is building this safety lighting solution into a number of products, from all-weather jackets, to vests, to backpacks. Each is designed with utility in mind so you’re not forced to sacrifice function for the added life-saving features.




The lighting on these products can be programmed through Lumenus’ propriety software application, allowing users to select colors, animations, and sequences to suit their individual tastes.

If you’re fond of taking to the streets, you’ll want to check out these products! They’re currently being funded through Kickstarter, so click here to check out the Lumenus campaign.

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