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Strapping a PC to one’s wrist is not a new technology. The wristwatch has replaced the pocket watch in the last century as a more advantageous place to get at time information rapidly. Smartwatches are quickly turning into must-have accessories, both for producers and shoppers. Strapping a second screen to your wrist, with either a touchscreen or some well thoroughly considered buttons, is the newest geek fashion. Nowadays, people are always glad to experiment with every early adopter innovation that is going. Having a smartwatch is something that fits with individuals’ inclination to explore with different and the most recent innovation.

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Smartwatches are becoming trending as well as mainstream. As the smartwatch can unchain you from everything except the most imperative moments online, it is vital to keep it charged. A smartwatch is a propelled innovation, and its charger shouldn’t be any less. Levitation Works have made a wireless charger “Lift” for your apple watch or Pebble which accompanies a levitating system. Basically, it is the first ever charger which will suspend in thin air while charging.

It’s a radical new innovation which makes it different from the rest of the boring smartwatch chargers. You should simply put your Pebble or Apple Watch over the charging base and watch it mysteriously suspend in the slim air.
What’s interesting about Lift is that it changes into an excellent smart lamp when you are not charging your watch. Moreover, Lift will be a flawless match for your smartwatch with its unique quality, fit, finishes, and feel.


Lift wireless smart lamp
The materials from which this anti-gravity levitation smartwatch charger is made are chosen for their magnificence as well as for their capacity and execution. With its moderate configuration, Lift is totally inconspicuous and functions as an impeccable stage, flaunting your smartwatch, and permitting you to completely interact with it as it buoys in mid-air.

Lift does not just serve as a simple smartwatch charger for your Apple watch or pebble but it can be also used as a charger for your smartphone.
Lift smartphone wireless charger


You will never have to worry about your smartwatch not being charged as it will provide you wireless charging through which you can charge two of your smartwatches. With a totally innovative materials way to deal with purchaser gadgets, this item will be the first of its kind. Decreasing pointless subtle elements and the least complex UI ever, Lift will be a lovely desktop buddy and be a talking piece for quite a long time to come.

Lift is available for purchase on Kickstarter at a price USD 159.00 with the estimated delivery date  – October 2016.

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