Knocki – Use Any Surface as Remote Control

Imagine turning any surface of your home or office into a smart user interface that you control just by knocking or tapping. That’s the premise of Knocki, a Kickstarter project that’s already raised more than $1.13 million from backers who are looking for ways to do everything from turning on the lights to starting a coffee maker with just a single tap. It’s a smart device that gives you control of your favorite household objects – like the Nest – through the everyday surfaces around you.

Gadget fans will like the fact that this beautiful smart device will come ready out of the box to connect via Wi-Fi with a number of popular devices. Knock once, and the magic starts to happen. Any environment becomes a user interface. According to the company’s founders, the Knocki doesn’t suffer from the problem of other devices – think the Clapper – that also use sound as a way to trigger device functionality. That’s because the Knocki is able to differentiate between a user’s tap and a random vibration or other acoustic noise in the room. And, since it’s designed to look beautiful, the Knocki will look great on just about any surface.

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