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Our modern lives are heavily reliant on a steady supply of battery power. Sadly, while processors inside our smartphones constantly improve at an impressive rate, the same is not true for battery capacity. Most devices can’t even last a single day without recharging. The HeLi-on is set to solve this issue by combining two proven technologies into a single, elegant package – a powerful solar panel and a portable powerbank.


Heli-On Charger


Advanced Technology in a Small Package

The infinityPV HeLi-on is a pocket sized solar charger and backup battery device that is able to charge a regular-size smartphone battery within 2 or 3 hours under all weather conditions. This is achieved thanks to the unique combination of polymer solar cells (also referred to as organic solar cells) printed on a thin plastic foil using special printing machines. This foil is then rolled up around the internal 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is able to give a full charge to most smartphone devices currently available on the market. And last but not least, a custom designed internal electronics with USB charging port and LED indicator light are able to leverage the maximum performance out of this device.

Heli-On charging an Iphone 6


Simple Operation Under All Conditions

The best thing about HeLi-on solar charger is that it can work under all weather conditions. The solar panel is your best option during a nice sunny day. All you have to do is to take the charger out, roll out the solar panel, plug in your smartphone and wait a few hours until it’s charged. You can leave it in your car, on the beach, or just lay it on the ground when you are out camping with your friends and family. Unlike with other solar chargers, you are not out of luck when the sun decides to hide. You just use the internal battery to charge your phone even during the middle of the night. The small size of the charger even lets you place it in your pocket next to your phone and continue the charging process on the go.

Heli-On Charger


Get Your Heli-on Charger Before It’s Too Late

The charger debuted on Kickstarter.com and the project already surpassed the original goal by almost 200%. Sadly, all early bird discounts are gone, however, you can still get the device at the regular price of $100. According to infinityPV, HeLi-on charger should ship in July 2016.

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