Foldio360 – A smart turntable For Creating 360 images

If you do any marketing online, you need to consider looking into the Foldio 360 smart turntable.  It can be used with your Smart Phone or SLR camera to take a product and create a 360-degree image that will make your website, blog or e-commerce site look more professional.  This smart gadget gives your customer the ability to see all sides of the product about which you are writing or selling. There are just three things you need in order to save thousands of dollars on creating these 360 images:

  • Foldio 360 turntable
  • Smartphone
  • Light Box

The Foldio360 uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to communicate with your Smartphone or DSLR camera. You just need to open an app, set up your shot and press start.  The turntable will automatically rotate, take photos and create a final 360 image. Whether you use it for yourself or on behalf of your clients, this is a device you need to add to your list of tools.

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