Fleye – Personal Flying Robot

If you have an obsession about gadgets, then Fleye is something you need to get your hands on. It’s fun, safe and really easy to use. Fleye is the future flying robot that even takes selfies! This small and round flying machine can help you in your daily lives and have fun at the same time. Before we get into the details of this innovative drone, here are some of its features and highlights:

  • HD Camera
  • Batteries are easy to swap
  • It has an on-board computer
  • It has 7 different sensors
  • Small in size and weight
  • It has protective grids



Fun & easy to control

Fleye is the world’s safest drone because all its moving parts are shielded. You can easily hold, push, touch and bump into this drone without worrying about getting hurt. Since we all are crazy about using smartphones all the time, the developers of this gadget have made it possible for us to control Fleye using our smartphone application (for both Android and iOS users). Flying this device is super easy and you get to watch a live video stream and even capture photos and videos.

Smart and Autonomous:

There is so much more to Fleye than simply being a flying drone. Since Fleye has an on-board computer, it offers us users with a variety of advanced features. You can even go for some secret spy visions with this gadget. There is a reason why it is called a robot; it is capable of observing its surroundings and take automatic decisions based on it. This amazing drone can be programmed to perform computer vision tasks or autonomous flights.

Hardware specifications:

Fleye runs on Linux and can be operated by any device which is capable of sending messages to it. This includes even your laptop. It also supports OpenCv, which is a well-known computer vision library. Fleye has a dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. However, for all those geeks looking for an upgraded version, they can go for a Developer Edition which has 1GB or RAM and a quad-core processor.


Best Things to do with Fleye:
You can do so many things with this fun and amazing device. Here are a few things that Fleye is great at performing:


  • Taking great photos and videos- You can make close-up videos and even take selfies
  • Fun for piloting- You can fly it around the house as much as you want
  • You can even use this drone for marketing and branding. Take it to your next presentation and customize it’s body according to your brand and wow your audience away


Fleye is a really fun and innovative gadget that can perform a variety of different tasks. It is certainly a drone from the future!

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