Clean Your Clothes Using High Tech Dolfi


There is a good chance you have not heard about this high tech device named Dolphi by its creator used to clean your clothes with the power of ultrasound technology.  Say what?  That’s right.  Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in the cleaning and medical industry for years and now a Swiss company is bringing it directly to consumers. It is a device the size of your hand that can be used at home or on your travels that uses little energy and eliminates the need for a washing machine.  It is easy to use, portable, saves time and money.  You simply put your clothes in a container filled with water, add detergent, throw in Dolfi and in forty minutes your clothes are clean. The device glows with a blue light as it is cleaning your clothes indicating it is dispersing ultrasound vibrations while deep cleaning your clothes.  It sounds like a trick but it works like magic.

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