Carv: Your Ultimate Real-Time Digital Ski Coach

Before you can improve, you have to know where you’re at. If you want to be a better skier, the Carv tracker is the best way to get better, faster. It starts with data that is collected by a pressure-sensitive boot insert attached to a tracking device that clips onto the back of your boot. Don’t worry, it’s small enough and light enough that you won’t even notice it while you’re wearing it.


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What you will notice is the real-time coaching you get. Yes, real-time coaching. The boot inserts will track pressure and movement, and depending on your skill level, will provide immediate feedback through your headphones in the middle of a run. But that’s just the start of it.

Inspired by Olympic technology, Carv will track every single shred of data you could possibly imagine, and will use it to help you become a better skier regardless of what kind of skier you are. That’s because every speck of data from every run is recorded and analyzed by the Carv cloud engine.


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Carv connects to your smartphone so you don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars. If you’re a casual skier, Carv will give you simple, actionable steps you can take to make yourself a better skier or, since the data is sharable, you can compete with your friends on who becomes better, faster. If you’re a more advanced skier, you can drill down and analyze the data to find those areas where you’re starting to let bad habits creep back in, or simply look for places to carve another tenth of a second off your run time. It works for simple downhill speed runs, freestyle, and cross country. The details are different, but the collectible data is the same, so Carv knows precisely what advice you’re looking for.


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Every run is recorded, and can be synced with Go Pro video taken of your run so you can see the data on the video screen for post-run analysis and comparison. You’ll be able to analyze your runs faster, and more thoroughly than ever before. Like any coach, Carv provides drills and lessons based on your skill level, and provides both instant and post-run feedback so you can target areas of weakness for special attention. Not only can you compare how you’re doing on the drills, you can compare how much the drills have helped your overall performance.


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It’s all about the data, and if you’re a data geek, you can get your hands on the raw data and parse it with python or matlab. Carv is the ultimate digital coach. Data collection is simple and non-intrusive. Advice is instant and actionable. Analysis is thorough, and can be synced to video. If you’re a skier, and want to be a better one, Carv is going to help you become better, faster. If you’re a ski instructor, Carv will help you back up your coaching with hard data and visuals. If you really want to get better, you have to know what you’re doing now. Carv gives you that, and more.

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