Be-Link: Powerful Sound System Gen 4

If you enjoy skateboarding, biking, skiing or any other activity that requires wearing a helmet, you don’t have to give up your chance to listen to your favorite music. The BE-LINK solves that problem for you – it’s an integrated powerful sound system for helmets. This version 4 of the BE-LINK is slimmer, smaller, and now customized to fit better with half-cut helmets that you might wear while biking. They’re also waterproof and dustproof – opening up a whole category of water-based activities for sound system owner. Imagine riding down the dusty highway on your motorcycle, listening to your favorite driving song.

The goal of the BE-LINK is to deliver high-quality sound right inside your helmet, wherever you are. There’s also an option to hook up the BE-LINK Gen 4 with your phone or Bluetooth external controller, giving you the ability to carry on conversations even while wearing a helmet.

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