Baubax: Jacket for Advanced Travelers

Providing both style and utility, the BauBax Jacket is a revolutionary travel garment invented especially for people on the go. A jacket which comes loaded with 15 built-in features, it is perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of multiple items. The jacket includes a detachable neck pillow for travelers, drink pocket, eyeglass pocket, earphone holders (no more tangled headphones!), 10-inch iPad pocket, eye mask, portable charger pocket, blanket pocket, passport pocket, and insulated hand-warming pockets. The Travel Jacket comes in four different styles for men and women: a comfy sweatshirt, water-repellant windbreaker, soft shell bomber, and wrinkle free blazer, all with different color choices. The Bomber and Blazer come with removable hoods, with the blazer quickly turning into a professional suit top after detachment. The garment comes in a wide range of sizes, ready to flatter any body type. The Travel Jacket is the perfect solution to staying organized and prepared for anything.

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