AirBolt Smart Lock

It’s about time travel locks caught up with the times. The good news is – they now have! The AirBolt smart lock is a truly innovative design which uses wireless smartphone technology to lock and unlock your luggage. With other useful features such as remote tracking and a remotely-operated alarm, it is a small piece of new technology which will transform our old problems with tiny keys, fiddly combination locks and forgotten security numbers. Highly customizable, the AirBolt can be set to unlock simply with Bluetooth proximity, with extra security of a PIN code if we choose, or even from another device in case of a lost phone. Furthermore, there is also a manual override function, so we won’t need to worry about an over-dependence on the technology. Remember the built-in GPS technology allows you to keep a check on where your luggage is – particularly useful in case of airline mistakes. The alarm function can be used not just for security in case of theft, but also in case you somehow lose sight of your luggage and need an audio signal to relocate it. With all these possibilities inside such as small device, the AirBolt is already gaining huge popularity.

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