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The name says it all, but Air Bonsai is so much more than a tree floating in the air. The essence of this product is about the life force the people of this planet share. The finished designed is an artistic display of the fragility of the world and its inhabitants. But, if you’re not into artistic expression, Air Bonsai is also a really cool gadget to show off your green thumb. There are two main parts; the floating ball called the ‘little star’ and the bottom half known as the ‘energy base.’ Once it’s plugged in, the opposing magnetic force between the ball and the base enables the ball to ‘float’ in the air. The concept was born on an island of Kyushu, Japan and the painstaking process of creating the energy base is a three-month duration. Skilled artisans hand-brush patterns and colors to each bowl with a Japanese brush called a ‘Fu-de,’ making each design an individual work of art.

Air Bonsai Types

Components of Air Bonsai:

The little star – the mossy ball comes ready for transplanting a native plant, and a floral foam sponge is located inside to help the plant stay hydrated. The soil and a plant will need to be added. There is a built-in magnet, which enables the star to float two centimeters above the energy base.  

The energy base – the porcelain base is designed in traditional Japanese Imari and powered by a built-in magnet using an AC adaptor. There is a rotating mechanism that enables the little star to spin and float like stars in the sky.

Delivered in a ‘Kiri’ box made of Paulownia wood, the package will be wrapped in traditional Japanese style with vintage fabrics circa 1868-1960 used for the cushion.

Air Bonsai

About the Artisans:

Masters of their craft, Mansansori Imayoshi and Hikaru Hoshi have joined to bring Air Bonsai to the world market.  

Mansanori Imayoshi a skilled artisan and innovator, Imayoshi received his inspiration by viewing the stars. His gift to the star we call home is what makes Air Bonsai a breathtaking and awe-inspiring work of art.  

Hikaru Hoshi – blessed with a sense of business acumen and love of the Japanese ‘Kokoro’ culture, Hoshi believes the commonality of living together on the same planet connect people from other countries with a sincere spirit of interconnectedness.

Product Insights:

Air Bonsai is a new product entering the marketplace, and Team Hoshinchu is diligently working to deliver exceptional customer results. The following is a list of challenges that come with bringing a new product to market:

  •    Due to plant restrictions in the United States and Canada, Bonsai trees are not shipped internationally. Order delivered to the U.S. and Canada will come with a pine tree originated from the destination country.
  •    European adapters are available by request.
  •    Cushion fabrics cannot be selected.
  •    The on moss on the moss ball is alive and delicate, so please handle carefully.
  •    The magnetic field of the energy base should be kept away from phone and credit cards. It has not been tested around pacemakers, so it’s best to keep some distance.


Air Bonsai



Air Bonsai is a new product  and running a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. A set of Air Bonsai starts from $200 and it is worth every cent. It is a gift everyone will rave about because of its original and unique design that customers will want to purchase an extra set just for themselves. After all, when you wish upon a star, there is no need to make a wish on only one star. Now, everyone can create their little galaxy of stars. Simply said, the creation is enjoyable, satisfying and irresistible.

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