A Self Cleaning Jeans and Tees That Never Stain

Here comes the future of apparel. If I was told there could be clothes that can never stink or stain, even when used for over two weeks, I will never believe but ODO denim has debunked my belief and makes it realistic. This denim has a self-cleaning ability and it is one of its kind ever in existence. ODO denim doesn’t require constant washing just like other fabric materials do and this makes it unique from others. Billions of microscopic peaks are been featured by this ODO denim which helps to reduce the area of contact with dirt and water. Do you know most odors are caused by bacteria? ODO’s clothing was specially made with silver-infused thread to repel this odor caused by bacteria. It also has resistance ability to different liquids, ranging from normal water to honey, tea, coffee,  and leave potential stain roll off. Get your today, it’s affordable and reliable.

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